Teresa Wornstaff

Follow Your Inner Wisdom – episode 2 – Teresa Wornstaff

Katarzyna Terlecki, Authentic Empowerment Coach and Mentor for professional women interviews me and we discuss; ✔️ how to make challenging decisions using your inner guidance✔️ how to distinguish your intuition from what your mind is telling you✔️what to do if you need to clear your mind but sitting meditation is not an option for you.

Five Steps for Creating Clear Communication

“The natural result of communication is miscommunication.” Influence comes when we take time to clearly understand what someone is telling us. This doesn’t happen without conscious effort. Communication is skill that should be nurtured and cultivated. Here are 5 clear steps to communicate effectively; Be present – if you want to understand, make sure you …

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Be Authentic. Be Vulnerable.

Authentic and Vulnerable Be Authentic and Vulnerable. The most successful leaders are committed to continuous improvement and personal development which allows them to be authentic and vulnerable. They know who they are and confidently understand their strengths and opportunities. They understand that errors or mistakes are simply opportunities to activate curiosity contributing to learning and …

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Boundaries “Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Emerson Trust is earned, not conferred. Creating, nurturing and maintaining a healthy culture founded in trust is critical. Trust is not immutable, its fluid, constantly ebbing and flowing based on every relationship in the organization. Trust balance is vital to overall health …

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Do you connect?

Connection Connection occurs in three ways. Connecting your employees contribution to the overall company strategy; connections between people in your organization; connections to clients, vendors and associate businesses are all vital. Each requires equal amounts of attention and consideration. Connecting the individual’s contribution to the company’s success ensures they understand WHY they are important to …

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