When we dance with the universe in manifestation we take a step, the universe responds. We assess the response and then take another step. This is the infinity loop of creation. When you use your OAR’s to navigate, this allows you to dance with intention.


  • Life happens FOR you.
  • Live with Intention, Not by Default
  • How to Live on Purpose
  • Everyday Intuition and your Evolution
  • Cultivating Inner Wisdom
  • Find Your Life’s Purpose
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Conscious Companies
  • Abundance and Manifestation

Re-Energize Your Audience

~A Message from Teresa~

“Deep, Beautiful Surrender meets Intuitive Action”

“I recently invited Teresa to facilitate a small, monthly group that I host. Let me tell you, she was amazing. She really met them where they were. I felt it. That was exactly what they needed.”

Dena DeLuco
Founder, Leap On Purpose

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