Live Your Most Extraordinary Destiny

Teresa Wornstaff is an influential catalyst for graceful change. She was born a high-level intuitive and has cultivated her intuitive skills of knowing and channeling so she can tap into your soul’s purpose and guide you to manifest a life of purpose, design, and desire. Complimenting her deep intuition is over 30 years in corporate,  20 years of that consulting to business large and small,  and coaching and mentoring individuals in transition. She brings the trifecta of expertise, business, life and intuition.

10-Minute Meditation for Balance,
Calm, and Confidence

This meditation is designed to help you transcend from anxious, frustrated, and unhappy to balanced, calm, and confident. Prepare to go on an inner journey, a journey toward a deep sense of ease throughout your entire body. Lean into your soul and be aligned!

Join Teresa Weekly 
Tuesdays, 9-10 am Pacific

Trust Circle is a place for people to gather, receive and give support, be in a community that promises to hold you, see you, and be with you in respect and love. Sometimes it’s serious as we talk about world events, sometimes it’s playful and fun. It’s always deeply intentional and filled with love. It is a place to connect with your soul.

Throughout my life, I wished for a place that would unconditionally hold me and support me without expectations. I couldn’t find it, so I created it. Welcome to Trust Circle.

By filling out your name and email below, I will email you personally with more information and see if this would be a good fit for you.

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Am I the right guide for you?

Above are two opportunities to feel what it’s like to work with me. Both are free. The first is a 10-minute meditation to help give you a sense of balance, calm, and confidence. If you’re looking for a quiet, one-on-one recorded experience, this could be great for you. A way to connect with your soul when you are triggered.

The second opportunity to meet me is in my weekly live Trust Circle on Zoom. I’ve been holding these for several years now. It is a group of individuals to come together, connect at the soul level and support each other. This is a place where you can come for support, for advice, or just to be held.




I am Your Soul Translator. I evoke the Internal Evolution toward ultimate success in all areas of your life.

Working with Global Leaders already skilled and influential we elevate the human experience. This is global peace that changes lives. Together we refine your inner world, cultivating actualized power, confidence and success. Ultimate Authentic Power.

Allow me to translate what your soul wants you to know. A private, very high end experience for those wanting curated support.

We collaborate, uncovering wisdom and tools to self express as the creative, dynamic leader you are. You will naturally evoke connection and success because you inspire from authenticity.

Our first imperative is to evolve and grow. Our second is to find purpose and live our soul’s destiny. First, be your absolute best self. Then find your purpose and live into it. Be the powerful leader of your life.

“Looking back over the past few years working with Teresa, my heart is so grateful and my life has changed more than I could have ever imagined.  If you are at a place in your life where you are yearning to personally and professionally develop yourself into your best YOU, Teresa is the person to help guide, coach, and mentor you through an incredible process!”


“A “regular“ coach or guide wouldn’t have that little extra something you have that showed up in so many ways during your process. I don’t know if there are many out there who can intuitively know when a client hasn’t gone deep enough. Teresa has an amazing ability to guide people to their right answer and knows when it is their right answer.”


“Working with Teresa was an amazing experience! Unlike other mentors, she can meet you at ALL planes of your inner work. From being able to help with hands-on, down-to-earth advice related to a business /office issue, to highly artistic interventions and guided work on your energy field and higher dimensions. Her extraordinary gifts to see you and meet you where you are, and her amazing set of skills to guide you through the process are beyond words! I loved it.”


Your 6-Week Journey to Create Radical Clarity, Harness Potential, and Re-Imagine Your Life.

A 6-month Journey to chart your desires and translate them into a soul-led life of purpose and meaning.