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Together we uncover new perspectives for inspired leadership, dynamic team management and expansive financial success.
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 Is This You?

  • Challenged retaining talented staff no matter what incentives you build into your offerings?
  • Missing business objectives because there is apathy or even worse, burn out?
  • Losing clients because you don’t inspire partnership and trust?
  • Is your product or service offering mediocre and lack that innovative spark?

If this is you then it is time to consider that employee challenges, lackluster product and mediocre success are a direct result of misaligned culture and environment. LEADERS create culture and environment. Together, we will transform your company from the inside out!

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"Teresa, you are truly a magnificent force for corporate change.  A change sought after by many in the world today. Your work encourages creativity and fosters teams to work in environments that exude trust, intellectual integrity, and a shared enthusiasm for excellence. All those who engage you as their consultant will benefit from the team work you create for them both individually and collectively. I look forward to seeing the remarkable results from your consulting work. Your wise words and insights helped me straight away right from our very first discussion about my business.  You told me, "your business is your art" and this was all I needed to get started in the right direction for my work. I recommend you to any company that is ready for their employees to create changes that will make them feel good about the work they do and to progress in this fast paced world we are all a part of. "

Judy Reilly - Owner/Founder - JW REILLY BOSTON

Here is what your business looks like when we work together

Exploring and refining goals:

What people say?

I have known Teresa for many decades and have observed and experienced her leadership in both personal and professional settings. She is adept in inspiring and leading staff and managers in a direction that both challenges them, grows their talent and supports the success of the business enterprise. She has a fierce client and associate focus with a business focus operationally that creates both open and productive feedback and the development of creative business and personal development solutions and results!
N. Cragin,
Retired, Bank of america executive
Teresa provided invaluable consulting services for me when my new franchised business was not growing fast enough. Her insight helped us organize management strategies, solidify our employee manual, and energize our sales team to move us forward. She recognized opportunities for our culture and processes to better support team members. With her guidance, we were able to turn the corner and get into a good growth pattern that propelled us into the top 10 producers nationally, just a couple of years later. Thank you, Teresa!
G. Poletti
Owner, Elements
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Teresa Wornstaff on both personal and professional issues. In my experience, Teresa’s innate wisdom and vast range of life and business experience are unparalleled. She listens well, communicates clearly and has excellent long-term vision. Best of all her wisdom and advice is grounded in real life boots-on-the-ground experience. I have no doubt she will be of great benefit to any organization.
John Latta
Teresa has a remarkable ability to splice through the general and dive into the specifics to get immediately to the core of the matter. Then using almost a sixth sense she is able to shine a unique perspective on the issue. Working with her proved to be exceedingly productive, fun, and enormously creative! Her efforts produced results that were far greater than expected.
B. Hughes