A 6-month Journey to chart your desires and translate them into a soul-led life of purpose and meaning.


Live for you and change your world.

My whole life, I worked hard. I didn’t know there were options, I didn’t realize I had choices. I lived by societal defaults, which held me back, held me down, and prevented me from living by my own rules and standards. I call this life by default.

Now, I live by Intention.

I help you to live by Intention and connect to your intuition through
a formula of imperatives and energy code transmissions.
Alchemy of an Intentional Life cultivates your intuition with 6 life-altering buckets and you will take control of your destiny.
This is how to change your life, incrementally and permanently!

Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?

Are you….
  • Overwhelmed trying to discern direction and hitting walls?
  • Confused about life’s direction, anxiety builds as direction eludes you?
  • Unsure of where to step next, scared of making the wrong move?
  • Ready to embrace a new way of living because the current situation cannot continue?
  • Feel discouraged and want tools to navigate your life, to be happy?
  • Tired of living a life by default, by others’ standards?
  • Done putting everyone else’s needs before your own?
  • READY to take charge of your life and evolution with Intention?

If so, then this program was channeled just for you!

You are here for a reason.

I mean here in this life, on the earth, where you are right at this very moment! You are here to do something important. Yes you!

You are meant to have a life filled with purpose and meaning, joy, love and success born of confidence. This was part of you when you were born. You carry the knowing that you are meant for more, now will you willingly receive it?

 Will you step bolding into your life, for you, and claim what is yours to BE, do, and have?


How do I know you are meant for more? How am I so sure that you are meant for an intentional life of meaning and purpose?

Because I too was living by default. Did the school, got the job, climbed the ladder, was successful at work, got married, had kids, got divorced, raised the kids. I did all the things that I thought I was “supposed” to do.

Here’s the thing. I was miserable. I flirted with depression so often we were on speed dial. My self esteem was tied to what others thought of me or said to me. I began to demonstrate the beginnings of health issues and then they moved in and took over. I began to forget things and question myself. If I was so smart, successful and accomplished, why did I feel so terrible? Surely, I was missing something!

I was. I was missing ME! I subjugated my wellbeing to the whims of others! UGH!

I get it. Not only do I get it, but I have answers, tools, strategies, and context to build a whole new life by your standards and definition. You choose, and you step into living intentionally instead of by default.

How do I know this works?

First, I trust the Universe. Everything I have channeled has been powerful and changed lives, and this is no exception. 

Second, everything outlined in the curriculum is what I do every day with the men and women from all over our world that I support, mentor, and coach. The shifts in my client’s experience propel them intentionally into the life they want. Health issues diminish. There is clarity about what has heart and meaning, so they know how they want to direct their time and energy. Their relationships blossom into something deeper and richer. Love is tangible within itself. With this deep love of self, they influence love to family, friends, and even strangers in the grocers. Life is more prosperous, happier, and more fulfilling as they become the alchemist of their journey!

Success Stories

“Working with Teresa allows you to hear the most distant hum of hope in your consciousness. Teresa never instructs or directs. She intuitively senses and draws your inner wisdom to the fore, which upskills you in your power of self-discernment… Working with Teresa makes life a little lighter; less alone; trusting in my inner giftedness.” Ireland

“The lens with which I see through has greater clarity. Teresa gave me the framework for what I most desired, balance. She planted the seed to approach all difficult circumstances by letting go of any Us vs. Them mentality.”  USA

“During our work together, she gently challenged my thought patterns and supported me as I created new ones. My life is elevated and more successful.” Canada

“She keeps me accountable, but not in a stern way, but in a manner that keeps me excited and actively wants to continue to grow my company and pursue my goals.

“Through Teresa’s support and guidance, I have been able to increase my income…hired staff…makes me happier…business is thriving and flowing in a beautiful manner.” USA

“I have what I would consider extreme clarity around my values and what my business looks like…a path to clarity. Teresa has an amazing ability to guide people to the right answer. She knows when it is their right answer.” USA.

My purpose is to be your mirror so you see your greatness and step powerfully into an intentional life. You build purpose and meaning into your life by Intention

Do you know what else you will experience when you create An Intentional Life?

More extraordinary intuition, joy, flow, ease, peace, and love. You will create it. You will choose it.

Under all that frustration and overwhelm, do you feel a call?

Is there a yearning for more meaning?

Do you feel a bubbling within that is asking to be heard?

You have a soul’s calling!

This is for you if you know:

  • You are meant for success in this life!
  • You are meant for more and what you value!
  • You are meant to create with intention!
  • You are ready to powerfully step into what’s yours to BE, do, and have!
  • You are willing to invest in yourself because you know it will pay off!
  • You want to learn and grow, evolve into your best life!
  • You are intuitive and want to grow this gift so it serves you!
  • You are willing to show up for yourself first and then support others!
  • You want a life of magic, beauty, fun, success!
  • You want confidence and peace!
  • You want to find and live from meaning and purpose.

Live for YOU to change the world!

 This is the first step toward an Intentional Life.


In this 6-month journey, you will learn to:

  • Dissolve Blocks preventing you from realizing your goals
  • Free yourself from persistent fears that hold you back from living courageously
  • Attune your intuition and energy to receive what you long for
  • Aligning to the Universe so you can manifest greater than you thought possible
  • Create audacious goals and bold steps toward your dreams
  • Cultivate unshakable inner confidence


You will learn to harness every experience, thought, emotion and belief because it’s all FOR you. I will show you how, and you will own the results taking it fearlessly into your life!


–> Each month we will dive deep into a theme channeled directly from the Universe for you. 

–> Each month I will channel precisely what our group and you need to step forward powerfully and purposefully.

–> Each month we will cultivate greatness within, define what is yearning for recognition, then powerfully own everything with intention.

More Success Stories

“The strong personal desire I had to really live my life differently, drew me to participate in Teresa’s Alchemy of an Intentional Life course.  I was looking for something more, something deeper than I’d experienced in other courses.  I knew there was something missing for me and was confident I would know it when I found it—and I did!

Through Teresa’s guidance and her inner wisdom, she helped guide me to identify and understand aspects of my life that have influenced me both personally and professionally in a way that I hadn’t previously experienced.  This was the launching pad of clearing the outdated structure that had become so routine for me and wasn’t allowing me to get to the next level that I was yearning to reach.  I wanted something bigger on the Soul level. The personal coaching and group interaction helped not only learn new tools at this soulful level, but taught me how to implement and actually use the tools to expand my heart’s deepest desire.

Teresa utilizes her energetic ability to see beyond just the physical outcomes.  Her ability to channel the individual energies for each of us, even in the group events was pure bliss!  In this course, she created a safe place for each of us to work at our own pace and the environment generated deeper learning for me as I learned through the rest of the course group members.  Throughout the 6 months, we bonded over our healing, our accomplishments, and most of all, our energetic connection will be long lasting.  All of this was designed masterfully by Teresa.

The value of this course is greater than I could have ever imagined.  My energy has shifted and so has my life!  I’m truly grateful for this experience as my energy is off the charts and I’m anxious to take where I am now, to the next level! Thank you Teresa!” ~Heidi M.

I joined Alchemy because I felt intuitively called to do so after feeling misaligned and drained within my energy for several months following a breakup and career transition. I knew that Teresa and the space she would create would be the ideal place for me to learn more about myself within a community of wise individuals and led by someone who has such an innate and effortless gift to elevate every individual’s soul.

My goal in joining the course was to just learn and listen and I feel that has been surpassed 1000 fold. I had no idea the amount of consciousness raising and deep universal understanding that was awaiting me through this space. Alchemy has changed the way I view the world and I now lead each day with openness and curiosity from a deeper level of soul connection. I have learned what it means to truly understand and allow greatness to flow into my life and as a result the world at large. I feel completely expanded in my energy and now have the tools and community to seek more wisdom from within and without.

I feel resolved of the heartbreak I was feeling before the course and much more aligned with myself and source energy. I am now prepared to embody my fullest expression every day and influence positive change from this place. Teresa is a gift in every way – her warmth, acceptance, and unconditional encouragement is unmatched to anyone I have ever met before. I am deeply grateful to have met her and to have been able to work with her in this capacity. I have never met anyone who is able to truly see each person for who they are and gently guide them to know what they need without having to tell them. This has been the most important and transformative thing I have done in my life and I will carry these lessons and soul growth with me forever.” ~Shelby W.

This is your creation, and I am your guide. 

 As a gift from the Universe, we will go through the monthly modules.


Values to Ground Your BEing and Intuition


Influence Your Life From Your Brilliance


Self-Care as a Tool for Evolution


Manifest Step by Step Guide and Experiential


Expansion to Stop Playing Small


How to Define Success and Claim It

Each theme is designed to give you tools, tips, and wisdom to ground your intentions and live self-actualized and powerful!

Together we will cultivate a group of deep peer support, so you are:

VALIDATED in who you are in every moment  

EMPOWERED to see yourselves as greater

SEEN in your entirety

SHAPE a life of meaning, purpose, love, and joy   

EXPANDED into a potent new way of BEing

LOVINGLY pushed outside what is known and comfortable to

Steer your VESSEL with intention!

When you have tools, strategies, and tips, you will take steps into a life of meaning and purpose.

If you are ready to say YES to your most profound expression living the life you were meant for, this is for you. 

You will feel calmer as you stand in the present and look forward.

You will feel lighter and freer as life unfolds.

You will feel hopeful and excited for what is to come.

That inner bubbling will become a sigh of relief, hope and excitement!

I get you. I understand you. I have walked your path. Most importantly, I see you,  the human and the soul. The love I hold for you, the realization of all your dreams, is unlimited. I believe in you so completely. I know that together, we can create the life you want. I know this!

When will we meet?

Teresa runs this program twice a year, in February and September.

You and I will meet monthly, ONE on ONE, to ensure you continue your personal journey as powerfully as possible.

You will have text and email support, so when you hit a wall, I will catch you.

***The more you participate, the greater the outcome! ***

***The more vulnerable you are, the more significant the transformation! ***

***There is no right or wrong. There is your truth at that moment! ***



One-on-one support with me every month.


Personal Channeling and energy codes to support you and your evolution!


PowerPoint for each theme so you can chart your evolution.

Your Investment for The Alchemy of An Intentional Life

You are the founding group to step powerfully into An Intentional Life. Two things you should know. I will offer this again next year and the cost will likely increase. I have also created a few options for payments to suit each budget and financial cadence.

One-Time Payment

1 Payment of $5,500

Two Payments

2 Monthly Payments of $2875

Five Payments

5 Monthly Payments of $1200

Live for you and change your world.

If your soul is calling you to this program, let me know. I would love to have you join us.

If you are feeling fear. Lean into the resistance and move through. Your gut knows and if you asked for more information, you are drawn for a reason. If I responded, I see this for you. If I didn’t, we would have a different conversation so I could feel into what is optimal for you. 

Take one powerful step forward.