Foundations for A Life on Purpose

Videos, Meditation, and Manual


Access the tools to powerfully create your own life. Foundations for A Life On Purpose is a pre-recorded class that will help you take the first step on a journey awakening to finding and evolving your life’s purpose. When you commit to moving with the Universe using these tools, you will playfully create the life you love.

This class includes:

~3 Video Modules

Module 1: Your Intuition – Your singular way of dancing with the Universe

Module 2: Your Brilliance – Claim your power! Uncover your unique expression 

Module 3: I AM - Powerful statements to declare what you create

Each module builds upon itself, so you must do them in the above order. Once you have completed the series, use the videos as reference tools to support your ongoing success. Remember, if you need a refresher, every module is energetically encoded to support you and your success!

~ Manual for the Course (PDF) This manual is to supplement the videos, which will take you through how to set yourself up for success!

~ BONUS Energetically coded meditation. Downloadable to your phone, tablet, or laptop.