Join us for this free online live collaborative every other Friday at 9 am Pacific.
A place for seekers to cultivate clarity, grow, and learn so we raise consciousness, normalize spirituality, and change the world.

Every other week Teresa Wornstaff will feature a new and special guest. These guests share their wisdom so you can experience something new and exciting. Some will share their stories, others meditative experiences, and those who will share methods of transformation. There is no charge to participate. This is Teresa’s gift to the world in the hopes that we all create a world of peace, love, and mutual abundance. If you want to learn about the next session, sign up to receive her notifications.

Newest Episode!

Please enjoy this one hour mastermind on how to Create Radical Clarity!
You will learn the key ingredient one must cultivate to obtain Clarity in any given situation, for any decision. Life Changing!

Teresa brings guests who will share their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences to revitalize yours!

A 60-minute conversation to empower you to your greatest life.

  • Cultivate clarity from many perspectives.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges with greater ease.
  • Receive tools that support you in the face of adversity.
  • Wisdom to experience your most brilliant self again and again.
  • Held in like-minded community so you can relax into yourself with deep love and peace.

Meet Your Host,
Teresa Wornstaff

“I am an influential catalyst for grace change.

My vision is to give you the tools to create clarity and live the most amazing life you can imagine, mined from and resourced by your inner wisdom.


Soul Channel is my joyful place to do this.”

Teresa is an influential catalyst for graceful change by teaching you to create radical clarity. She was born a high-level intuitive and has cultivated her intuitive skills of knowing and channeling to tap into your soul’s purpose and guide you to manifest a life of purpose, design, and desire. Complimenting her deep intuition is over 30 years in corporate, 20 years of that consulting to businesses large and small, and coaching and mentoring individuals in transition. She brings the trifecta of expertise, business, life, and intuition. 

Working with Teresa, attending her Masterminds, Soul Channel, or through one-on-one mentoring results in greater personal confidence and deep fulfillment by focusing on what has meaning and purpose in your life. You will stand and deliver from your brilliance that unique, personal zone where we joyfully contribute to our and the world’s evolution by living fully self-expressed.

Her clients have channeled their clarity and:

  • Influenced Women In Tech with inspiring meditations.
  • Executives who put themself first so they heal then inspire by example.
  • Business owners who create cultures of collaboration, respect, and kindness propel their employees, clients, and their business to new heights of success and become best in class.
  • Embrace their inner brilliance and move from pain, apathy, or anxiety to grace, peace, and flow.
  • They find their brilliant spark and design a life sharing it with the world so they live fulfilled and joyful.

Our evolution is our number one priority as a human.

To evolve, one must create clarity on direction and purpose.
We don’t live that way.
It’s often impractical.

Instead, we fill our lives with things that drain us, over-responsibility, ‘must do’s’ instead of ‘want to do’s,’ endless work days, and responsibilities. Even the things that are meant to bring us joy become mundane or, worse, burdensome.

We become depleted, worn out, exhausted, and frustrated with our lives.
Soon sadness, depression or anxiety leaks into our existence.
Self-care, self-love and support are paramount!

Where do you go to fill your cup?
Where do you go to get inspired?
Where do you go to feel aligned with a community that thinks like you do?

You do the meditation, the prayers, the workout, but it no longer lifts this pall.
Everything is just too much. Too much going out and not enough coming in.

Take Soul Channel and this moment for yourself.
Allow a group to hold, see, and fill you.
Receive clarity from many sources of wisdom!

Join us for Soul Channel.

Every other Friday at 9am Pacific.

Replenish your soul.

Let this community wrap you, hold you, see you, feed you.
Receive and replenish.

Soul Channel is your oxygen mask, your breath of fresh air, the scent of pine,
the ozone clean of fresh spring rain.
Clarity is born from wisdom.
Make your evolution, happiness, and growth a priority.

Soul Channel is an easy way to mine wisdom from many sources and feed your soul.

We hear what we need to hear when we are READY to listen to it.
Not a moment sooner.

We change when we hear what most want to be known for our evolution.

Every time.

What if you had a place to go to hear wisdom from many sources?
Would you go?

You do the meditation, the prayers, the workout, but it no longer lifts this pall.
Everything is just too much. Too much going out and not enough coming in.

Take Soul Channel and this moment for yourself.
Allow a group to hold, see, and fill you.
Receive clarity from many sources of wisdom!

“Looking back over the past few years working with Teresa, my heart is so grateful and my life has changed more than I could have ever imagined.  If you are at a place in your life where you are yearning to personally and professionally develop yourself into your best YOU, Teresa is the person to help guide, coach, and mentor you through an incredible process!”


“A “regular“ coach or guide wouldn’t have that little extra something you have that showed up in so many ways during your process. I don’t know if there are many out there who can intuitively know when a client hasn’t gone deep enough. Teresa has an amazing ability to guide people to their right answer and knows when it is their right answer.”


Soul Channel occurs every other week.

There is an hour of wisdom, sharing, energy transmissions, and lots of love from many sources.

  • It’s filled with experientials, so you feel more of what is essential to motivate you.
  • It’s filled with knowledge and practices so you can own your magic and create clarity.
  • It’s filled with opportunities to own your unique brand of influencing the world.
  • It’s filled with heart-centered stories that enliven and lift you so you can see what’s essential for you!
“I am very grateful  to have had the opportunity  to work with Teresa Wormstaff. At a  difficult  juncture in my life, when what I always did was no longer working, Teresa opened my eyes to resources that were always there yet had been overlooked, hidden and undervalued. As a licensed professional with a long career in Health Care, I thought that helping others was the most Important  part of my job. Who knew that taking care of myself first is actually the only sustainable way to care for others? Teresa Knew! Using her wisdom, skills and unique gifts she was able to open my eyes to the damage being done And to guide me to a new way of being in this world. Through her continued support and practical applications  life is now better for me as well as all the people I live and work with.”



“Working with Teresa was an amazing experience! Unlike other mentors, she can meet you at ALL planes of your inner work. From being able to help with hands-on, down-to-earth advice related to a business /office issue, to highly artistic interventions and guided work on your energy field and higher dimensions. Her extraordinary gifts to see you and meet you where you are, and her amazing set of skills to guide you through the process are beyond words! I loved it.”


Discovering and growing your intuition to create clarity is crucial to your evolution and your optimal life.

Everyone is intuitive. Unfortunately, society has ostracized it, we no longer talk about it, and few of us use it to its full abilities. Intuition is the ultimate source of clarity and confidence. It’s also like a muscle; it grows as you use it. Knowing your unique brand of intuition and cultivating a deep relationship of trust and collaboration is foundational to living unbridled.

Teresa wants you to live the most fantastic version of your life imaginable. Are you ready to step into it?