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Ready to overcome your employee challenges once and for all?
Ready to be the empowered leader everyone wants to work for?
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Below  are the stages my  Leadership Program will evolve through

 Comparative analysis; optimal leadership and your situation

  1. Definitively understand why it’s critical to become the leader that influences environment and culture and the dynamic interplay environment and culture have to a thriving business
  2. Affirm the challenges are there, and are not permanent! There is HOPE!
  3. Know with absolute clarity, where we will take you and your company


  1. See possibilities and know a solution is available and just on the horizon
  2. A clear game plan to execute change within your environment so you can have hope and know, you don’t have to do this alone, anymore!
  3. Knowledge you can change, you are supported so you can breathe easy knowing it will all evolve into that vision that dances at your fingertips!

Implement the solution

  1. One on one weekly coaching so you can begin to shift the environment
  2. Emergent support when things blow up so you know you are going to master the challenging situation
  3. Situational support so you don’t have to do it alone and we continue to steer the ship towards empowered excitement so you can see the dynamic of the empowered team

Supported Work with your Teams

  1. Take your teams into the change; you now have the tools, support and foundation and a new way of leading!
  2. Empower, excite so you can understand and utilize the potential in your teams
  3. Everyone on your team clearly understands their contribution and long term aspirations to help you grow the business; you create a leader, employee relationship so everyone thrives and grows. Now, you are becoming wired for success!

Overview and review

  1. Celebrate the new paradigm of employee engagement YOU have created!
  2. Confidently lead from co-create and empower and continue to launch your business into dynamic, multi-level success.

Where do we go from here?

  1. Empower others in your company and continue the work with other teams throughout the organization!
  2. Ongoing support to continue to evolve your leadership potential!
  3. Dream bigger and more powerful so you can continue to foster your entrepreneurial spirit within the corporate environment.

The program also includes:

  • Documented progress as we work through your issues and insights. You have a tool that quantifies what was effective and why; you own the solutions!
  • How do you manage challenges? Support in critical situations because you need it when you need it and we are creating change. It will happen and sometimes it will challenge you! I WILL BE THERE!
  • Accomplishments overview and a strategy to take into the future. You are now in the driver’s seat of your team, department or business! Where do you want to go?

BONUS#1: Emergency calls

VALUED at $1500
  • When things go awry, you need help when you need it and the need is NOW!
  • Real time applicable advice on how to address challenging situations in the moment; RESPOND not REACT!
  • Knowing you are not walking this alone, help is a call away.

BONUS#2: Emergency emails

VALUED at $900
  • You need help, but it can wait a day or two and nothing has blown up.
  • You need alternative perspective on a challenging situation because it’s all still very new and tentative.
  • You need a sounding board; your skills are sharpening and this is how to own the solutions! YOU HAVE GOT THIS, and you get affirmations!

Ready to get started?


If you are:

  • Stressed, overwhelmed and tired of picking up the pieces.
  • Experiencing high employee turnover
  • Done with the daily organizational drama.
  • Ready to serve your customers in the way you know is possible.
  • Missing out on employee time due to regular sick days taken

And You Want:

  • To create an amazing team from the foundation up;
  • Multi-level success, to grow your business organically with a big helping of fun and joy;
  • A culture that supports a BEST IN CLASS workplace, where everyone aspires to be and to work for;
  • Co-creative, collaborative and communicative work experience that feeds everyone’s best performance.
  • High client retention and satisfaction; client’s seek you out (and stay).  

I invite you to join me in this exclusive Leadership and Team Empowerment Custom 6-month Program!

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