Ignite Your Passion

Your 6-Week Journey to Create Radical Clarity, Harness Potential, and Re-Imagine Your Life.

“Teresa is a master & has an unparalleled ability to cut through the noise of chaotic thoughts that most of us have a hard time putting into simple concise sense, let alone, words.”

~ Judi Dunlap, Global Travel Advisor and Concierge

Your Invitation

Hey Friend,

In March of 2021, I channeled a powerful workshop teaching people how to propel themselves into clarity and an intimate relationship with their soul purpose.

In March of 2023, the Universe asked me to upgrade this workshop to match the powerful energy we have created globally.

The time is NOW to step powerfully into what is yours to BE, DO and HAVE in this life!

Ignite Your Passion is the first step in KNOWING what is FOR YOU!
Take this time to define with  CLARITY what is YOURS TO BE, DO, AND HAVE!

If you are like most of us, there is an inner yearning, an itch, a longing for something……let me help you find it, define it and then LIVE IT!
Create Radical Clarity and live unbridled!

And when you don’t live it?

CUE the 2 by 4 moments!
Have you experienced any of these?

Loss of job. Fired.
Rear-ended or major accident.

Financial challenges.
Loss of house.
Loss of car.
Health challenges.

When we ignore the prompts from the Universe…..
When we aren’t aligned to what is optimal for us…..

Those 2 x 4 moments show up.
The longer we ignore them, the harder they are, the bigger the hit.

My whole life I prayed to the Universe, I pleaded with the Universe, I screamed at the Universe!
“Please, tell me the way. Just show me a map, I will do the work. Tell me where to go.”

It whispered, “you have all you need, it’s within you.”

And I didn’t understand. Then clarity and I did Understand. Let me teach YOU TO UNDERSTAND!

What sets this masterclass apart from all others

You will change your world using the tools, methods, and gifts within Ignite Your Passion!

You will have a map for future change and growth!

You will be catalyzed into that which you are ready to manifest!

In each and every class, I channel what’s most essential for the participants as a whole and as individuals.
I never teach the same way twice because you are all UNIQUE, and my objective is that you express your BRILLIANCE!

This is what sets me and my Master Classes apart from all others. I teach for YOU, to your unique resonance, in alignment with your soul purpose and how you will contribute to influencing the world. You cultivate clarity specific for your life.

And what I teach, I practice.
Today, I manifest with ease.
My life is joyful and filled with PURPOSE!

This is what I want for you!
The life your Heart Desires!

This is a four-body experiential for individuals who know they are meant for more.

You are intuitive, you are meant to make a difference, and you are ready!
The time is now, and you are done waiting for it to arrive. 

It’s time to build your destiny with confidence and clarity!

      • We will garner what the physical has experienced because it is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your life!
      • We will deeply listen to what your emotional body and heart want to express and give it wings to soar.
      • We will engage your mental body by putting meaningful words to your purpose. Your mantra for the rest of your life.
      • We will give voice to your spiritual body, your intuition, and what your soul is here to share.

A powerful, multi-body experience to land, ground, and begin to realize your ultimate life’s purpose. Why you are here on the planet!

You will align as I activate dormant codes, latent intuition, awakening your most brilliant self!

You will also receive specific energy codes, be immersed in quantum fields, and be attuned to your optimal journey. You will align to what’s in your highest and best interests, now and into the future. These powerful energy codes will activate your next chapter. This is my brilliance. This is the gift only I can deliver.

The question is, are you ready, and do you want it?

“Working with Teresa was a delight! She’s so kind, gentle and intuitive with her suggestions. Even her reminders are soft and sweet! She gives clarity to what’s going on in my head but don’t have the words to say it. Or takes what I say, simplifies it and refines it more to match my energy and desires! Working with her was amazing and joyful!”

~ Teresa Lisum, Wellness Advisor

Join me for this 6-week intensive.

How courageous can you be?
What do you dare to wish for?
Unlock those dreams and create a new reality!

As we move through our lives, there is an underlying awareness that there is more available to us. We yearn for clarity so we can create more abundance, more love, better career, your own business, physical vitality, and a deeper connection with the Universe. This yearning never goes away. No matter where you are in life or the levels of success you achieve, you know there is more. Always more. Can you give yourself permission to stand firmly on the path to realizing it?

Life and your soul’s purpose is evolutionary, not a destination. It’s a constant unfolding. 

Instead of wallowing in listlessness, hopelessness, and staying stagnant in a holding pattern born of fear, it’s time to take one step. That’s all. Just one step. That one step is everything.

It might get messy. It’s sure to push you into places you haven’t explored. It’s guaranteed to create “aha” and “wow” moments. You will witness heart-opening moments that bring you to tears of joy. You will encounter mind-bending thoughts that will transcend anything you thought possible. You will expand, and it will be glorious.

It’s time to step out and step up. You are worth it. You deserve it. Your journey begins when you……. Say yes.

With clarity you will overcome those obvious challenges and the not-so-obvious hurdles.

No more roadblocks.
No more reasons to stay stuck.
No more hesitation.
Watch as your inner world ignites confidence.
Watch as your thoughts become possibilities.
Watch as your world synchronizes in wondrous events, people, and opportunities!

Build tools for every body: mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

Meet Your Guide, Teresa Wornstaff

I am an influential catalyst for graceful change. Born a high-level intuitive, I have cultivated my intuitive knowing, seeing, feeling, hearing, and channeling to tap into your soul’s purpose and guide you to manifest a life of purpose, design, and desire. I channel clarity for you, then teach you to do it yourself.

Complimenting my deep intuition is over 30 years in corporate, 20 years of that consulting business large and small, and coaching and mentoring individuals in transition. She brings the trifecta of expertise, business, life, and intuition. While consulting with NASA, the resulting report was equated to a blueprint for a successful business. Why? It was all about leadership empowering the individual and cocreating business solutions that had traction for the employee, business, and client—the ultimate win-win-win. I translate these business practices into life practices.

Working with me in Ignite Your Passion, you will have clarity born of greater personal confidence and deep fulfillment by focusing on what has meaning and purpose in your life. You will stand and deliver from your brilliance that unique, personal zone where we joyfully contribute to our and the world’s evolution by living fully self-expressed.  

I want you to live the most fantastic version of your life imaginable.
Are you ready to step into it?
Let’s begin.




  • Be a bright influence.
  • Discover your unique expression.
  • Experience your power.


  • Defining your values releases a superpower.
  • Be clear on your stance.
  • Know how you see and receive information.


  • Macro and micro goal definition.
  • Permission granted! Realize those dreams.
  • Know the interplay between dreams and reality.


  • Anchor and radiate your purpose.
  • BE directed on purpose.
  • BE clear or BE patient.


  • Recognize subtle Universal gifts.
  • Release the victim and claim the victor.
  • Learn to create directed opportunities.


  • Know when you have reached the peak.
  • Reset the goal based on where you have been and where you are going.
  • Align your energy and your world to succeed.

Receive answers because you and the Universe are cocreating from clarity in every step. Know what is yours to do because you are aligned with your destiny, soul, and the Universe. Expand into your greatest expression and influence as you are meant to.

Create Magic!

Know why you are here on the planet….your destiny.

Cocreate with Universe to manifest your purpose.
Build your intuition from your brilliance.

Feel fulfilled every day because you are aligned.
BE fully expressed and feel waves of success.

Confidence naturally builds, and you live the life meant for you.

My commitment to you:

I will hold the energy for your transformation.
I will bring in energy codes and quantum fields to support your evolution.
I will be here to support your journey with conversations that excite and evolve an optimal path for you.

You will have text and email support when needed to ensure you stay on your optimal path through this journey. This is a journey of self-empowerment. I will be there for you and you will be there for you first. 

Full Price


or 2 Payments of



Energy Codes

After every module, I will pour an energetic accelerant into your systems to anchor what you have claimed and magnify it so you radiate it within your energy fields. This acts as a magnet that will draw to you the people, places, and things that will empower you to live into what you have claimed! Powerful magic and a portal to realize your purpose and deep fulfillment.

One-on-One Sessions with me at a discounted rate

A credit of $500 towards The Alchemy of an Intentional Life

BE Connected Meditation

Text/Whatsapp and email support


I guarantee by the end of our 6 weeks together, you will know why you are here on the planet and have key steps identified to move forward.