Free Leadership and Culture Assessment
Q1 Before any decision or important conversation I look within to find balance and alignment before moving forward. I asses if my communication is necessary, kind and true and stay open and curious to any answer. *
Q2 Our people are supported with opportunities to grow and learn in areas that are beneficial to them and the company. *
Q3 My people stay and grow with me. They trust me and know they are instrumental in designing the job that meets the needs of the company and which allows our people to thrive. People are our first priority and greatest asset and are treated as such. *
Q4 New ideas are solicited and encouraged and everyone is comfortable with the fail forward model. *
Q5 I encourage connection to the company as a whole. Everyone understands what they contribute and how it influences overall company success. We celebrate and showcase overall company success and wins experienced by individuals, vendors, suppliers, customers, extended community, and families. *

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