“Transform your company into a conscious powerhouse of efficient communication, innovation and profits.

– Teresa Wornstaff

Conscious Transformation

In my career, I have had fleeting glimpses of conscious leadership. Intuitively, I knew, this was how to thrive personally and professionally so I sought answers and knowledge.

I have invested a lifetime in honing my intuitive skills through many esoteric and traditional modalities. The last 20 years I have focused on how to respectfully apply consiousness in a business setting. The natural result of leading with consiousness is a thriving, productive, joyfilled business. What I have learned, applied, I now share with leaders across the globe.


Consider, traditional corporate environments make employees feel like dis-empowered drones. Many people don’t even know why they are doing the task they are assigned. They don’t have a connection to the big picture, which of course is the company. I can remember driving home in tears, from jobs that simply viewed me as a machine to generate money. The traditional structure was based in “command and control.” This is a structure inherently designed to fail, and as many are discovering, it does. Individuals are yearning for intrinsic benefits, balanced life and a work environment that supports their greatness and allows them to self express authentically. 

I am a Corporate Change Agent and a High Level Intuitive. I am adept at leadership and culture transformation supported by strong business acumen. What sets me apart from the crowd is my intuition. I have broad depth and scope and am multi-sensory. I see, hear and feel but my strength is in my knowing. My broad range gives me the ability to see deep into your optimal path and your soul’s expression. I see your greatness and translate it into language you can hear and which is easily adopted and actionable. Together we discover your secret sauce and  empower you to embody your greatest gifts. Through this personal transformation, your business adjusts and levels sets to mirror your greatness. Whether it’s one team or an entire corporation, you empower for play, creativity, productivity, innovation resulting in strong growth and profits.

Partnering with companies such as NASA, Microsoft, Chevrolet, Eli Lilly, Nike and more, I participated in a study to determine why Corporate America succeeds while NASA fails within their projects. The results are a study in how to structure a company for success and I bring these skills to our work. I have worked with founders, executives, boards and managers at all levels. I have managed small teams and large teams, in the medical field, manufacturing, distribution, software, training and more. All of this diversity led me to the belief that no matter the environment or industry, conscious leadership is the only way to run and grow a company. I won’t do business any other way.

Schedule either a free 30 minute consultation or a 60 minute consultation. I invite you to boldly step into your greatness and lead from a conscious, empowered place. Let’s discover your secret sauce!


“Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear your words.” Emerson

"Teresa’s innate wisdom and laser-like focus takes her straight to the core of any issue at hand. Her exceptional ability to envision the highest and best outcome, while quickly assessing the necessary steps to get there, will guarantee success to anyone fortunate enough to be guided by her. I found working with Teresa to be quite an empowering experience! She instilled the confidence I needed to take action, allowing me to achieve results beyond what I could have imagined!"

M Hamady

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Case Study

I was brought in to assess the needs of the team experiencing burn out. This was a year long program of hiring additional staff, reassigning responsibilities, cross training and process improvement. Tools were built to filter incoming PO’s, moving the team from requiring to process 100% of all PO’s to only needing to process 30%. This was a game changer for the entire team.

One of the individuals was desperately unhappy with the situation working 12 to 16 hours a day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week just to maintain a Baseline response to customer needs. Because of her tenure and deep Legacy knowledge I was requested that we do what we could to save her. Her mandate for 6 months was to be happy. We place specific agreements in place such as, she's not allowed to work more than 9 hours a day 5 days a week. Over the course of six months there was weekly training and support given in developing healthy personal habits such as mindfulness, outside social activities and exercise as well as weekly coaching to assess points of Challenge and assist her to overcome these challenges. Over the course of six months we completely changed the mindset and behavior of this person resulting in Saving her job and in fact training her into new skills so she could continue to grow and contribute to the company in a productive way.