Our first imperative is to live authentic, confident and aligned. Our second is to bring this whole self to positively influence the world. It’s a journey.

Conscious Transformation

Life wasn’t always easy. In fact I have done hard. A lot of hard. Underlying all the hard was a deep knowing that I was meant for more. I was meant to be an influential catalyst for graceful change, for self first, then for others.

The time has come. The time is now.

About Teresa

Teresa Wornstaff is an influential catalyst for graceful change. She was born a high-level intuitive and has cultivated her intuitive skills of knowing and channeling so she can tap into your soul’s purpose and guide you to manifest a life of purpose, design, and desire. Complimenting her deep intuition is over 30 years in corporate, and 20 years consulting, coaching and mentoring individuals in transition. She brings the trifecta of expertise, business, life and intuition.

Life is filled with change and transitions. Teresa, like so many of us, has had her share of life’s challenges. Rising above a childhood of equal parts neglect, love and abuse, she knew, life held more and with relentless curiosity searched for how to create it. Divorced with a newborn and 16month old, she began her journey of single parenthood. A brief second marriage resulted in her ex-husband running away, her and the children losing their home and her business. Perseverance, determination, and heart centered belief in all things good allowed her to rebuild a life for her and her children. Now, she leans into the brilliance of all the hardships as lessons that inform what is possible for herself and her clients. Our beliefs create our reality. She harnessed her beliefs.

 Today Teresa works with successful individuals who are in transition or ready to create their own transition because life evolved into a landscape they don’t want. They are over scheduled, often unhappy and searching for more: more meaning, more joy, more authenticity, more self-empowerment and more fun! Teresa’s relationship with her beliefs is intimate, evolving and cultivates her foundation for a purposeful life. This wisdom informs how she supports her clients and what she shares in her circles. Life doesn’t happen to you, it reflects you. She puts her clients in the drivers’ seat of their lives, with intention, purpose, and love.

“Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear your words.” Emerson


“Teresa’s innate wisdom and laser-like focus takes her straight to the core of any issue at hand. Her exceptional ability to envision the highest and best outcome, while quickly assessing the necessary steps to get there, will guarantee success to anyone fortunate enough to be guided by her. I found working with Teresa to be quite an empowering experience! She instilled the confidence I needed to take action, allowing me to achieve results beyond what I could have imagined!”

Michelle Hamady

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