Five Steps for Creating Clear Communication

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Leadership, Video | 0 comments

“The natural result of communication is miscommunication.”

Influence comes when we take time to clearly understand what someone is telling us. This doesn’t happen without conscious effort. Communication is skill that should be nurtured and cultivated. Here are 5 clear steps to communicate effectively;

Be present – if you want to understand, make sure you show up and leave the past and future behind!
Actively listen – Listening is not a passive skill. It requires us to actively, purposefully execute!
Reflect back what you heard – We all have different filters. Reflecting back ensures understanding is communal!
Agree on next steps – Collaborate the best next steps then be sure you agree on how to execute!
Overcommunicate execution – Guaranteed, conditions will change the moment you agree to next steps. Stay in communication to ensure the solution is still relevant and everyone is working lock step!

Using these 5 steps, over and over again, ensures you eliminate most miscommunication. How to eradicate the remaining? You can’t. So stay curious, non-judgmental and open to whatever drops in.

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