Be Authentic. Be Vulnerable.

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Trust | 0 comments

Authentic and Vulnerable

Be Authentic and Vulnerable. The most successful leaders are committed to continuous improvement and personal development which allows them to be authentic and vulnerable. They know who they are and confidently understand their strengths and opportunities. They understand that errors or mistakes are simply opportunities to activate curiosity contributing to learning and growing.   By being authentic and vulnerable in who they are, allows every other person to show up in the same manner. This holds them as an integral part of the collective so contribute from their unique, individual strengths. They hold the vision and allow the collective to create through individual power, first theirs, then everyone else’s.

Successful leaders also admit when they don’t know something and use it a springboard to bring teams together. They lead by example acknowledging that the unknown is simply an opportunity to get curious about what is available and present. This communicates a consistent message of non-judgment and safety. This allows others to be innovative and curious; a tremendous breeding ground for creativity. New ideas and innovations are easily adopted when your employees have a personal stake in its creation and feel safe in expanding into new ideas.