Do you connect?

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Trust | 0 comments


Connection occurs in three ways. Connecting your employees contribution to the overall company strategy; connections between people in your organization; connections to clients, vendors and associate businesses are all vital. Each requires equal amounts of attention and consideration.

Connecting the individual’s contribution to the company’s success ensures they understand WHY they are important to the company and how their contribution impacts overall success. Leaders influence positively by reiterating and affirming individual value and contribution through purpose. Purpose is fluid and as the employee grows in the company, the intersection of employee aptitude and company needs to broaden and develop. All employees should be under continuous development which allows for growth, variety and tailors to aptitudes and interests. This is key for succession planning and employee engagement.

As an employee evolves within the company, leaders must help them nurture connection to individuals from all levels and areas of the company; above, below and laterally. Connection to their immediate team and direct report is primary. Expanding to the rest of the company is necessary to create a web of belonging and a global shared purpose. This connection strengthens the fabric of the company, creating unity and a bond that is felt by vendors, customers and associates. This connection is an expression of who your company is.

Connection the individual to your clients, vendors and partner companies ensures clarity in execution and delivery of vision, mission and values. Transparency of the deliverable throughout the organization is critical as it ensures everyone knows who the buyer is and why they choose your company. Understanding what your clients needs; what your vendors need; what your partners need is critical in the execution of everyone’s work and, contributes to the underpinning vitality of a healthy company on a united mission. Connection is felt by your customers creating organic, healthy growth for the company.

It’s the leaders’ role to ensure that all connections and relationships are healthy and functional. Coach your leaders to attend and influence these connections. Be mindful to nurture both the connection to the company through contribution and internal human connections.  Attending to both increases job satisfaction, retention, employee innovation, creativity, and leadership succession. It will ultimately result in a significant contribution to the bottom line. Your customers will want to do business with you if you display a unified, connected persona and culture. They will seek your company because you are best in class and connected!