Self Leadership – The Origin of Influence

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear your words.” Emerson.

Leaders influence culture.

To be a successful leader; to influence and lead others is a journey, not a destination.

Leaders successfully, confidently take responsibility for the well being and growth of a business and the people within by first attending to their own development. You are unique! Continuous growth and learning ensure you are the best version of yourself: a confident, positive influence upon others.

Meditation is a tried and true way to fully know you. Any practice that requires you sit with yourself, in quiet, for an extended period of time is sure to open doors to greater self-knowing and influence. You will become acquainted with parts that you love and some that you don’t love. This is perfect! Awareness and curiosity, kindness, compassion and forgiveness are the key tools when examining all of who you are. You gain power and influence in who you want to be. Who you are becomes a conscious choice.

Mindfulness is the state of being aware. It is the application of being fully present and attentive to your behavior while interacting and influencing others. You are able to attend to your audience with active listening, authentic curiosity and non-judgment. This enables amazing conversations that create unparalleled solutions to any challenge. It influences cultures that empower all individuals to grow and thrive because individuals know; failure is simply a stepping stone to success.

Self-analysis is another must have tool in the kit. Any interaction which elicits a strong emotion requires self-analysis. The emotions of fear, anger or avoidance mean, you are no longer in conscious control and a strong belief is the driver of the experience. You are reacting and not responding to the situation. Use self-analysis tools such as objectivity, curiosity and non-judgment to understand then shift your reaction by changing the underlying belief. When it happens again, you will have greater awareness and control of your response.

Coaching opens the door to the unknown. Simply, we don’t know what we don’t know, until shown. For personal and professional growth, there is no easier way to grow than to engage an expert. You are your best investment. What better way to learn and grow than to find an expert who will inspire your transformation and develop your latent leadership skills. In searching for a coach, trust your intuition to recognize the right person to unleash your transformation and greatest potential to influence and lead.

These tools; meditation, mindfulness, self-analysis and coaching are vital for anyone in a leadership position. Leaders must be on the path of continuous improvement and growth; self leadership. The result is self assured confidence to positively influence and empower others as you lead by example.